Artículos de joyería con diamantes y perlas – la perfecta combinación de brillo y elegancia

Diamonds and pearls are combined beautifully. This combination has become very popular in recent years because it gives women the opportunity to take full advantage of both stones; shine with elegance. Various types of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, earrings and brooches are produced with combinations of diamonds and pearls. In addition, one can choose which will be the centerpiece and which will highlight other.

Often, items of yellow, pink and white gold and sterling silver and even platinum are composed of this combination increases the opulence and attractiveness of the piece. Pearls of various colors like chocolate, blue and pink are also used in jewelry. Often the pearl as the central motif is used, surrounding tiny diamonds that enhance its beauty. However, many manufacturers with innovative designs using diamonds as a centerpiece, flanking them with pearls on both sides to create a fascinating impact. New Picture New Picture (1)

 Top: Black South Sea Pearl, Bottom image: White Cultured Pearl

Personalized Jewelry inspired intimate moments

This season, jewelry manufacturers offer lovers of the most personal to launch jewelry designs inspired jewelry intimate moments elections. This theme explores individual expression, personal feelings and intimate memories to reach the depths of the hearts of people. This intriguing and exciting theme is based on the close relationship between the body, the senses and jewelry. Jewelry items presented in the collections are very personal, as they adapt to the tastes, personality and of course the feelings of each individual. Best of estosítems is that the shape and curve of the body affect the cut and shape of the gems.

Champagne diamonds and yellow, pink sapphires and amethysts are some of the gems preferred for opaque surfaces and translucent layers. The jewels have a special delicacy and sensuality. The range of designs includes pieces with hidden charms and pendants perfumed messages, all of which arouse intimate feelings.

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 Buy colored diamonds is fashionable

Buy solitary color or jewelry with solitaire colors have been the hottest trend in recent years. Judging by diamond auctions Christie’s and Sotheby’s, this trend is far from disappearing. Throughout the centuries, acquiring diamonds of various colors, cuts and sizes has been highly prized by connoisseurs of matter. While the classic white never fail to attract lovers, color are making headlines. Some of the pieces of colors generated the highest bids of the auction.

The 14.82 carat orange diamond shaped almond was sold for 35 million dollars, while the vivid yellow diamond of 100.1 carats was sold for a staggering $ 16.3 million. And that’s not all; the blue diamond of 13.22 carats reached a price of $ 23,800,000, while the pink diamond of 24.78 carats earned $ 50,000,000.

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Thus, taking into consideration these prices, we can easily conclude that colored diamonds are among the most expensive in the current times.

Some color diamonds at reasonable prices:

New Picture (4)

1.14 carat yellow diamond vívidode Cushion (color and clarity are enhanced) USD 2500

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Yellow cushion Diamond 0.91 carat SI1 luxurious, completely natural, not enhanced in any way, USD 2500.
The wedding season never fades. There is always someone somewhere in the world who feel the nervousness of being the future bride and she wants her look perfect. Well, the minimalist urban issues is reaching urban brides who want to look chic and subtle at the same time. The theme focuses on the concept of «less is more» with a simplistic palette of colors and tiny details that radiate confidence and effortlessness. Jewelry for that girlfriend also seem simple but with a slight twist.

A lone color Princess Cut or cushion in white or yellow gold, without being too flashy is subtly elegant, it would be your best choice. The diamond should be preferably 1 carat.

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