La moda de verano del 2014 en Australia

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Dress folds in aquatic colors of COOPER ST —- Maxi Dress Oasis Garden HONEY & BEAU Blouse Sequin Kara Fate

Summer fashion in Australia is dominated by pastel colors and metallic colors and white tribal designs in different types of fresh summery fabrics. The combination of black and white That never fails is still attracting attention, while lace designs are the ultimate extravagance for women. Various types of transparent blouses and skirts With tops, monkeys and logo tees explosive palazzos pants With Color combinations are capturing the hearts of women. Have Remained popular maxi dresses and cotton pants with floral prints. The floral prints Have a Renewed public interest, while loose dresses captured the imagination of Have the new generation.

Loose clothes are comfortable, stylish and suitable for almost any occasion. This trend definitely stay long. The last (but not least) the list is chiffon fabric is re-consolidate ITS place in the wardrobes and hearts of women for Reasons of style and comfort.

Turquoise is the new diamond

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Turquoise Turkish stone or have shown no sign of losing over the past Popularity Decades and is still reigning in the hearts of many WHO marvel of color. With the fashion jewelry turquoise, Which Began With The Victorians wearing rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches adorned With turquoise, Keeps still much value in the world of fashion. And it’s not just style, as you tambiénes Have Known protective powers to save WHO Those Who are wearing bad luck. One of the newest styles is the combination of turquoise With pearls, diamonds and other precious stones in shapes and elegant designs.

Turquoise uniqueness is Its Own Web Design that adds charm to the jewels in are integrated. Tiaras and royal dynasties rings and earrings and rings include famous contemporary turquoise in various shapes and sizes. The subtle beauty of esta stone causes a sensation wherever you are.

Safety pins (safety pins) – fashion tie thoughts to each other

New PictureHave Immense safety pins returned to fashion shows. Obviously inspired by the punk movement of the 70s, HAD Several designers to combine extraordinary ideas , safety pins in Their creations. While some designed them as Ear Cuffs (pending covering the ear), other earmarked use them as bracelets and bracelets. Those Who Have used them for the original its purpose of linking together pieces of clothing or as brooches. Safety pins and bulky huge ears and arms add a touch of style Punk Rock in contemporary creations. Necklaces and bracelets are made That Sometimes dozens of different safety pins and other one are single, shaking tracks fashion shows.

While esta Seems Like a great idea the safety pins are also as fashion accessories and clothing bags used. Safety pins colored With removable parts are disponible to decorate bags, clothing and headgear.

The shirts are in vogue Jewels

New Picture (1)The jewels for the beach are the passion of the summer and will see how colorful, bulky and precious jewels are Introduced to the wardrobe to women, getting just jeans, look like fashion divas. Body chains are perfect for bikinis and other clothing accessories for the beach. Light and elegant, They can unleash the goddess of fashion lies in you. Ear Cuffs and rings, aqua or turquoise Especially in, are pretty accessories to Accompany your shirts garments providing the perfect feeling of freshness for the summer. Designs with shells and starfish, seahorses and octopuses in rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and all kinds of trinkets are perfect for visits to the beach.

If you combine them with colorful bikinis, shorts and lace blouses or semitransparent you’ll look great. bold shapes and patterns in gold, silver and surgical steel arms, neck, fingers, wrists and ankles will give you the variety you need in the summer jewels.

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