De Cero a la Infinidad – la última y más interesante tendencia en la moda de las joyas.

Zero to Infinity is an interesting trend in fashion of modern jewelry in which you try to mix science and art in an effort to establish a new trend of thematic exploration manufactured jewelry. This trend aims to place science, art, mysticism and philosophy in the same equitable pedestal. In this regard, the jewelry pieces inspired by such themes contain a mixture and combination of materials that are opposite in nature. This subject, which has been called «exploration of opposites megas» will provide additional jewelry items being produced from a mixture of opposites unconventional dimensions. For example, the combination of gray diamonds or precious stones cement raw mercury will serve as ideal opposite pairs.

Some of opposites striking in this series include opal, lapis lazuli stone icy moon, pearls and sapphires with metallic shades and finishes aluminum. The notable difference keep the attention of those who are wearing as well as those who observe. This combination of the physical and the metaphysical is cutting edge in terms of conceptualization and realization.New Picture

Infinity Ring

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