De Cero a la Infinidad – la última y más interesante tendencia en la moda de las joyas.

Zero to Infinity is an interesting trend in fashion of modern jewelry in which you try to mix science and art in an effort to establish a new thematic exploration manufactured jewelry. This trend aims to place science, art, mysticism and philosophy in the same equitable pedestal. In this regard, the jewelry pieces inspired by such themes contain a mixture and combination of materials that are opposite in nature. This subject, which has been called «exploration of opposites megas» will provide additional jewelry items being produced from a mixture of opposites unconventional dimensions. For example, the combination of gray diamonds or precious stones cement raw mercury will serve as ideal opposite pairs.

Some of opposites striking in this series include opal, lapis lazuli stone icy moon, pearls and sapphires with metallic shades and finishes aluminum. The notable difference keep the attention of those who are wearing as well as those who observe. This combination of the physical and the metaphysical is cutting edge in terms of conceptualization and realization.


Add color to your jewelery

With so much happiness and joy in the air, jewelry colors seem to be the rule the roost. Items with different and rich glazes have attracted the attention of fashion lovers. It seems that graphic design with vibrant colors have again become the center of attention. A variety of color combinations is what makes this trend very interesting. Whether jewelry with precious stones, as talismans with street-inspired jewelry makers make use of various enamels to paint their pieces of jewelry it is.

These colors are produced by heating powdered glass to metal. The possibilities are endless and very striking results. Turquoise on silver enamel; multiple colors in the body of the rings; diamonds, amethysts and rubies in enameled rings; There ‘s everything you can imagine! «Purple Wings» (Wings Purple) Wellendorff | Betteridge An engagement ring antique style – Gold, Diamond and Enamel New PictureNew Picture (1)New Picture (2)

What bulky jewelry is beautiful in winter

huge and bulky, jewelry with complex appearance and multiple layers of bright colors is what is fashionable for winter. Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and all other types of jewelry are available in various shapes and sizes with glossy surfaces immense. super cool metallic finishes along with figural multilayer varieties have flooded the market jewelry. Some pieces are extremely feminine, while others have a unisex charm. The huge rings graphic forms are those that have attracted the attention of both those wearing them and their fans. Even the bracelets have not been left behind. Some of the famous manufacturers are creating enormous bracelets covering almost all hand embellished with delicate designs.

The cabochons resin inspired by tribal designs and tassels collars are ideal for women bold style. Some of the genioscreativos have raised the style to other levels by introducing bandanas that are stylish and huge according to fashion. The huge and hulking pieces have also reached the ears. Some of these parts, especially collars, can be combined with other chains to achieve a large effect.

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Unleash the Diva in you by elongated chains.

Elongated chains are gradually attracting the attention of fashion lovers. These chains made of metal, leather, plastic, fabric, wood and other materials sensational look both casual attire and formal. Elongated chains of various lengths, makes and finishes have already made their presence felt in fashion shows and are now also seeing in urban fashion. They look very cool and give a sense of height. Thinner, especially those that reach the knees, can be as they are or creating multiple layers of them. Beaded varieties are popular because they can be worn with any dress. The long chains are not only popular among women but also among men for other style statement. Chains with details ball, accounts and cages are the most popular. Some of the chains are simple, while others have designs and colors. Make your choice!

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