El estilo oval es global

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At present, the overall style is oval hottest trend for engagement rings. BlaleLively superstars have become popular nowadays and oval shapes are in high demand according to jewelry manufacturers that have seen an increase in demand. Some couples choose the traditional vertical mount diamonds and other crystals oval, while there are people who are open to experimentation and more contemporary designs have chosen horizontal mount.

Different styles and clasps in different metals are gaining importance in engagement rings. An oval diamond ring flanked by two pear-shaped diamonds on both sides; a ring of old-style golden peach with multiple layers and a bulky oval diamond bezel frame or an elegant diamond ring with yellow oval crimping claws are some of the designs that have held the noviasorgullosamente. There are also people who choose designs, shapes and custom sizes.

Look for East-West ouches

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Engagement rings 2014 bear the mark of experimentation with different types of mountings that give traditional rings a modern twist. With sizes oval, emerald and marquise who rule the roost between diamonds and other gemstones, both jewelers and buyers are looking for a way to break barriers. The mounting East-West is one of those styles that have been favored by women around the world. The biggest advantage of east-west style or landscape setting is that it makes the gem appear larger and adds dimension.

A small alteration in the way of placing the gems, especially oval sizes, emeralds and marquesas from vertical to horizontal, has made all the difference and added a new dimension to the appearance of the ring. Only a solitary or a bulky stone embellished with smaller stones in pavé setting or east-west, is very versatile and seems to stay for a while.

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¿ ‘You thought only auras can be seen around the heads of the gods ?? !! The effect of halos engagement rings has caused sleepless nights to future brides. It looks great and extraordinary, so all future brides want their share of halo around his fingers and now. In a setting of aura, a large gem is enhanced by the presence of several smaller stones around it. This creates a fascinating aura around the centerpiece, making it look bigger and more prominent.

A double aurora effect is achieved by two layers of stones and best of all, it looks great with a combination of sizes. colored gemstones with cushion cut and double aurora are the most popular style today. For brides who love shine, aurora with pavé diamond encrusted is dazzling. It is also great for budget conscious who can not afford a great centerpiece people.

Recycled metal rings for couples with environmental consciousness.

Engagement rings recycled metal are very popular among young couples and social media are full of discussions and images about them. According to industry experts, this is a healthy trend. Since it is organic products are socially responsible and free of conflicts, and its ethically mined gems. Extraordinarily exotic gems studded in metal recycling produce a great impact on young buyers. While it took some time until they began to reach land, social media clearly show that people are beginning to fall in love with the idea.

The metal in these rings is recycled and therefore creates less pressure on natural resources. It is also a great to change your classic favorite ring or slightly alter a family heirloom idea. You can also recycle the ring you gave your beloved aunt the day of your wedding and so honor your wishes. It is best that it is inexpensive process.

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