Los anillos de cóctel de las celebridades – la última tendencia de Celebdom

Long live the cocktail ring! The new motto in celebdom shows the status and passion for the famous cocktail rings. Yes, These Are the new favorite celebrities and delicate items after the giant bags. Now That the giant bags are Considered old fashioned, famous Women Have used bulky and colorful cocktail rings to Demonstrate Their wealth and status at private parties, film premieres and Present on the red carpet. All major fashion brands are taking advantage of esta trend and create some masterpieces of Its famous clientele. Prices range from £ 5 to £ 50.000, cocktails not only serve to Satisfy the sedsino Also the mind, as well as a statement of their status.

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Purple Passion: The Indiana Jones star star Cate Blanchett, showing off her engagement ring Cannes Cocktail image: www, dialymail, co, uk
cocktail rings are large and bright Generally rooms with floral motifs and colored gemstones. Not only movie stars, celebrities, But Also other fields acquire and Maintain Their rings as a style statement.

Cate Blanchett, the famous actress of films like Elizabeth, Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings and The Talented Mr. Ripley has a cocktail ring That has shown incredible pride in the Cannes Film Festival. It is a large dark ring That contrasts With her skin, making light of His personality perfectly. Another dazzling piece, Princess Beatrice held by, is a huge ring-shaped petals lead. Undoubtedly, esta slightly purplish and fully open flower Increases the attractiveness of all clothing.

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masting: Princess Beatrice leaving Boujis nightclub last week, wearing a huge ring of petals – Pic: www. DailyMail, co, United Kingdom

pop sensation Christina Aguilera has a butterfly is on alert to dazzle fans. With a heart of bright aquamarine in the center and small stones scattered all butterfly wings, esta cocktail ring anyone’s heart is warm. Usually it is in the middle finger. The beautiful Angelina Jolie has an impressive cocktail ring Equally with a bulky aqua leading into the index and accentuating her personality so it is even bolder and stronger. Julia Ormond «The Witches of East End» series is the owner of an ox eye bright cocktail ring. The ring fully complements STI strong structure and thin features.

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Photo: http: //foros.vogue,es/

The sensational marquise Mary Kate Olsen face with a bull ring is a wonderful piece. She loves to show off This extraordinary ring and gold in the fashion weeks. The last section – but without Necessarily less Important – is the lovely ring Cartier panther Have Jennifer Morrison, Who is a true wonder. The platinum ring has 7.58 carat diamond and 5.68 carats of sapphires shine in a full way.

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